Sonos Installation

At AV King, we pride ourselves on the installation and supply of Sonos Speakers and Amps. Bring an experience to your floor-standing, architectural or outdoor area. Stream from all your favorite services. Enjoy simple control with the Sonos app, your voice, or Apple AirPlay 2.

Easily expand your system any time when you add Sonos products to rooms around your home. And, enjoy seamless indoor/outdoor listening. Whatever it may be, we can help you with all your supply and installation needs.

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Sonos Arc

Put yourself at the center of shows, movies, and games with crystal clear dialogue and two height channels that create an impressive sense of spaciousness. When the TV is off, stream music and more from all your favorite services. Easily control the soundbar with your existing remote, the Sonos app, your voice, and Apple AirPlay 2.


Sonos Sub

Discern every detail in the music and get a home theater experience that will give you goosebumps. Set up is easy, with no wires to run and step-by-step guidance in the Sonos app.


Sonos Amp

Power your passive speakers, and create your dream smart home. However, you will be able to enjoy endless possibilities for multi-room listening. So in other words, this amp can improve your life!


Sonos In-ceiling Speaker Installation

Sonos In-ceiling Installation

Set your home apart with in-ceiling speakers. Tune the speakers to the unique acoustics of your space. Mix and match Sonos speakers around your home and enjoy immersive multi-room sound for music, TV, movies, and more. Above all, get rid of the clutter that comes with having surround speakers.


Sonos Outdoor Speaker Installation

Sonos Outdoor InstallationSet your outdoor space up with a weatherproof sound system powered by a Sonos amp. Enjoy full, detailed sound all year round.


Sonos In-Wall Speaker Installation

Sonos In-wall InstallationAbove all, create a built-in sound system to enjoy bold sound for TV, music, and more. With the unmatched ease of Sonos. Furthermore, you can view their range here.

In conclusion, here are a few reasons why AV King is the right decision for your Sonos Installation. Firstly we are qualified and experienced. Secondly we are fast and thorough. Thirdly, and most importantly, we have a 5-Star Rating on Google so you can trust that our customers are satisfied with their install.

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