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We have smartphones, smart cars, smart watches and now we can have a smart home and or business.

Control4 automation is leading the world with its powerful, robust and all in one system.

  • Bringing automation to Brisbane, it is designed to make your life easier and give your home or office that “wow” factor.
  • Imagine your house automatically turning on your front lights Monday to Friday between 6 and 8pm to help you come home from work and enter your house.
  • You unlock the front door with your own personalised code which lets your smart home know to start playing your favourite music and turn on the lights to 80%.
  • Set a wake up alarm for 6am the next day with your smart home and not your smart phone. At 6am it will turn on the lights to 20% and play quiet music to calmly bring you into the day ahead.
  • Our Brisbane Control4 Electricians can automate your meeting rooms as well. Imagine a touch screen which can dim the lights, activate your recessed projector lift and screen, adjust volume, select tv channels and lots more.

Brisbane Control4 boardroom possibility.

As Brisbane Av experts we can supply and install a variety of boardroom packages to suit your needs. Interactive displays, interactive ultra short throw projectors with low sheen whiteboards (to reduce glare), Video conferencing systems, speakers etc. We can bring all of your Av and other devices (lighting, blinds etc.) into an automation package custom suited to your needs. As an example, voice control is shown below. (Universal remote, Touch screen and App control is also available. Please Click Here to enquire.

Ideas –

Front house lights controlled by smartphone. You can program the front lights to turn on at sunset and turn off at 10.30pm. If the pizza man makes a delivery at 11.00pm, once he presses the front intercom button the front lights will turn on for 2 minutes.

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Systems shown above is using –

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