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Clipsal C-Bus - The AV King Pty Ltd - Specialist Integrator

Clipsal C-Bus

Clipsal C-Bus Programming

We can help with your Clipsal C-Bus programming, in your home or in your office. More than just lighting, C-Bus has the ability to operate devices such as air conditioning, pool, spa pumps, security systems, home theatre and motorised blinds. We will program your system to operate at its best. This is a lifetime guarantee of simple living, we will make it easy for you!


Clipsal C-Bus installation

Designed perfectly so that your whole family can operate it. You can control your C-Bus system from an extensive range of touch-screens and other wall switches to blend in with your home and complement your d├ęcor. Whether you are outside or away from your home, you will have complete control via a web-enabled device, such as a smart-phone, laptop or PC. From a brand new home, unit or office block The AV King can help you out.

If you want to learn more about how Clipsal Home Automation can be integrated into your home or office, please Click Here.

Clipsal C-bus


Clipsal Relay L5501RBCP

The clipsal relay shutter has a wide variety of outputs, so you can use it to connect lights throughout your home.

Clipsal C-Bus dimmer L5508D1A

Lighting is everything in a home! So the use of the dimmer gives access to 8 channels. You can set these channels to touchscreens around your place to increase your perspective lighting.


Clipsal C-bus Relay L5508RVF

The shutter relay can be used for motorised blinds & curtain tracks.

Please click here for more information on Clipsal’s home automation system.

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