Tesla Charger Installation

Tesla Charging Installation

Tesla Charger Installation for home?

Have you recently bought a new Tesla and require a charger installation? We can provide an upfront quote, organise and deliver a professional install and in a timely manner. The popularity of electric vehicles increasing – Get ahead of the curb!


Tesla Charger Installation For Business?

Want to organise a Tesla charging installation for your business but don’t know where to look? We’ve installed many so please reach out for a quote. By getting your Tesla charger installed at your business, you could be added to the list of Tesla destination chargers. This has the potential to drive customers to your business, therefore getting you more sales and paying off the installation and electricity costs. Finally, click the following link for more information https://www.tesla.com/en_AU/destination-charging


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   Model 3 charger


Free quote within 24 hours. Simply send pictures of your switchboard and the location of where you would like your charger installed. Please click here for contact information.


Tesla charging installation is completed by installing a new circuit from your existing switchboard to the Tesla charger. It will have its own RCBO (combination residual current device RCD and circuit breaker CB). This protects the installation but above all, protects you. Typically, the closer the charger is to the switchboard, the cheaper the installation cost will be.


Need further convincing? Here is why The AV King are the right choice to install your Tesla Charger. Firstly, quality and experience. Secondly, we are fast and thorough. Lastly, we hold a 5-Star Rating on Google. So, you can trust that our customers are satisfied, and really pleased with their install.