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AV Wall Plates - The AV King - Custom HDMI wall plates plus more!

AV Wall Plates

Here are some examples of the AV wall plates we can supply.

hdmi wall plates

As you can see, they provide quick installation as new and existing AV cabling can connect straight into them. Custom engraving is shown here with AV Pro Education, our education partner. We can supply in any configuration you wish. All you need to do, is click here and fill out the required information. We will aim to have the quote back to you within 24 hours.

Repairing faulty AV plates

If you have existing AV wall plates which are faulty, we can repair them or install new ones. First of all, VGA is an old cable but still found in lots of buildings, especially schools. It tends to be a back up to HDMI cabling. Sometimes VGA cabling has been soldered onto the AV wall plate and has either completely blanked out the image or dropped a colour, like red. We can solder the VGA back onto the wall plate if required or completely upgrade your AV cabling so you do not have to worry about it again.


AV Wall Plates


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