Audio Automation

Audio Automation

Control4 Audio

Our integrated audio automation systems will amplify your home! Simply by using a phone or tablet, you will be able to easily control different zones throughout your house. The systems we use are integrated and are compatible with the Control4 audio system. You can have anywhere between 1 and 100 zones of audio, we will work with you to determine the ideal set up. You can have a zone of audio in your lounge room, kitchen, patio area and master bedroom as an example. Any audio you like can be streamed, including but not limited to Spotify and Tidal.

Not sure about the Control4 audio products you will need to make this happen?

We have a range of products that will complete your home. Below is some options for multi zone audio.


EpisodeĀ® Response Series DSP Amplifier | 100W x 12 Channels



Episode Response EA-RSP-12D-100 takes multi-room audio to another level. Its gives a new name a matrix switching DSP amp, delivering incredible audio that exceeds expectation. Using this amp you can have up to 12 speakers (and 6 zones). These amps have a high tech digital signal process, providing a clean and precise audio suitable to any space. They are IP controlled, OVrC compatible and have drivers for all control systems to deliver an easy to use audio experience. You can integrate this amp with Control4 audio to have an easy to use audio automation system.


EpisodeĀ® Response Series DSP Amplifier | 100W x 16 Channels


Very much like the EA-RSP-12D-100, the EA-RSP-16D-100 is the larger version, allowing up to 8 zones (16 speakers). This amp promises to deliver precise and unmatched audio quality. So just like the EA-RSP-12D-100, it can be used with any systems, including the control4 audio system.


EpisodeĀ® Response Series DSP Amplifier | 100W x 8 Channels


For the more compact homes, the EA-RSP-8D-100 still packs as much punch as its bigger brothers, enabling 2 zones (4 speakers) to be connected.


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