Brisbane Home Automation!

The audio visual world is not an exact science with everyone having or wanting different brands, equipment and ideas.


Brisbane Home Automation

Here are some of our suggested packages. These can be modified in any way to suit your application


Home automation packages

Install EA-5 in your lounge room and integrate your tv, dvd player, amp and speakers. Generally the keypad dimmer replaces your existing light switch, and furthermore controls music volume, and turn off the whole system with one button press.

Additionally if someone comes to the front door and presses the intercom button, your movie can pause and ramp up the lights to say 75%. You can talk and see your guests via a table top touch screen, even unlock your digital deadbolt to let them in with a press of a button. Meanwhile accessing your control4 system via Smartphone or iPad with the control4 app. Indeed, as far as Brisbane Home Automation goes, AV King have you covered.



  • C4-EA-1 – This is the brain of your smart home. It manages your home automation system
  • C4-KD240-WH – Wireless keypad dimmer
  • C4-DM201-LW-Z – Low wattage wireless puck dimmer. Control LED lights
  • C4-SM201-Z – Wireless puck switch
  • C4-TT7-BL – Table top touch screen
  • LEDDBW/SCYL/SIL – Lockwood digital wireless deadbolt
  • C4-DSC-EN-BL – Intercom


Intercom Delivery


Brisbane Business automation packages


In any case, your imagination can run wild with a business setup. Straightaway, lets keep this one simple –
Meeting rooms:
The smaller EA-1 is perfect for a single room. With one button press via your table top touch screen, your recessed projector lift and motorised screen will drop down. Lights will dim to 25%, amp will turn on and set volume to 30%. Subsequently your presentation is all ready to begin. Finish the meeting by pressing “shut down” and all AV equipment turns off, disappears into the ceiling. Moreover, your lights return 100%. Moreover, the meeting rooms lights will also turn off after 5 minutes of everyone leaving the room.

  • C4-EA-1 – This is the brain of your meeting room. It manages your automation system.
  • C4-TT7-BL – Table top touch screen.
  • C4-DM201-LW-Z – Low wattage wireless puck dimmer. Control LED lights.


On one hand, you might have an existing meeting room that we can add control4 gear into. Alternatively we may be discussing a complete new setup. Nevertheless, AV King can install any projector, screen, speakers, amps and lighting to give your business that ‘wow’ factor.
Brisbane home automation package

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In addition to the above, here are a few more reasons why AV King is the right decision for your Automation Installation. Firstly we are simply just genuine and good people. Our recruiting process is more than likely the best in Brisbane, as far as tradesman go. Secondly, we are fast and thorough. A balance of speediness, and ultra-zen meditative thought to ensure master craftsmanship on all jobs. Thirdly, and most importantly, we have a 5-Star Rating on Google so you can trust that our customers are over the moon with their installation. The decision is simple. AV King ;).