Logitech Tap Scheduler

The Logitech Tap Scheduler is a touch controller for Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other popular video conferencing. Together with a Logitech conference-cam, it delivers a reliable and consistent experience from room to room.Tap Scheduler

Firstly, the Logitech Tap IP features a 10.1-inch screen and a system ready for integration with platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Ring Central. By connecting to these platforms, users can create or join meetings right from the Logitech Tap IP.  Also available in graphite.

Place on a desk or on the wall thanks to the built-in VESA mount. A single Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable powers and brings network connection to the Logitech Tap IP — and of course, it can also be connected over Wi-Fi. With its built-in motion sensor, Tap IP has “always-on readiness” as the company says.

Meetings start with just one touch with Logitech Tap IP.

Logitech Scheduler

Purpose-built scheduling panel for meeting spaces. Indicates availability from a distance and displays meeting details up close. Claim the space for ad hoc meetings, or book ahead for scheduled sessions. Clean cable management and included mounts allow Tap Scheduler to be professionally installed outside any meeting space.

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Tap Scheduler makes it easy to see meeting details and reserve a room for ad hoc or future meetings. Easily deploy as a purpose-built scheduling panel for leading room scheduling solutions to help workers find and claim the right space. Find more about the Tap Scheduler here.

**Logitech Sync:

Firstly, a fresh approach to remote monitoring and device management. Simplifies tasks like firmware updates and feature enablement. While an API and forward-looking architecture establish a robust foundation for new insights and integrations.

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