Overhead Projector in your Classroom

An Overhead projector is a fantastic addition to any Classroom. Projectors and interactive flat panels have been deployed in education sectors Australia wide for many years now. They are proven to help teachers educate students young and old. They allow the teacher to communicate with their students in a more entertaining way and get their lesson objectives and facts across.

We can help you select the right projector or IFP for your classroom. There are a few factors which go into selecting the correct solution for your needs. A bright room will need a higher lumen projector. An existing setup will need a new projector which suits the existing screen size and throw distance. Your budget is also an important factor when choosing an overhead projector. Generally, the more expensive an item is the better it is but we know the sky is not the limit. We select equipment which will give you the best bang for buck according to your needs.


Overhead Projector at Home or in the Office

If selecting a projector for your office or home, a good starting point is to think about your budget. Generally, the more you spend the better your projector is going to be. Bright office rooms will need a higher lumen projector whereas a home theatre projector tends to be in a dark room. For instance, you could use a 2500 lumen projector in a home theatre but your office might need 4000 lumens. Furthermore, an outdoor location or a very bright room might require 8000 or more lumens.




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