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Logitech Rally - The AV King

Logitech Rally

Logitech Rally sets the standard for Video Quality. And Vocal Clarity – Industrial Design – Meeting Automation etc. Ultra-HD Video combined with Logitech’s RightSense technologies. Automatically frames human figures. Optimizes colour + luminescence for human faces!Logitech Rally Kit

Logitech Rally Camera

Firstly advanced optics, premium design, and RightSenseâ„¢ automation. The standalone Logitech Rally Camera complements third-party audio systems. You’ll have boardroom-quality video! Automatic framing and light optimization. Above-all, it’s easy to use. Sold as stand alone camera, or included in the Rally Kit!

Mounting the Logitech Rally

The Rally Mounts are for a streamlined installation. Strong, so they allow ideal placement for the camera. And the two speakers, while the display and table hubs are mounted on a wall. Or beneath a table. In addition, two cleverly-designed retainers keep cables secure. Contact us to discuss installation deals today.


A suspension system virtually eliminates vibrations. Ones that travel through walls, stands, and tables. Improving echo cancellation while keeping shake-free video. Even at high volumes. In addition, it can power 2 speakers. Providing rich sound even in larger rooms. Logitech Rally Speaker


For rooms with more than 10 participants, simply add Rally Mic Pods. Expand audio coverage and provide convenient access to mute buttons. We all need a mute button don’t we? Each pod will add coverage for six more participants. So you can use Rally in large meeting spaces and boardrooms with up to 46 people.

Hidden Cabling

Firstly, the Rally Mic Pod Hub makes it easy to run cables beneath the table. With three connections for Rally Mic Pods or additional Mic Pod Hubs. It’s a more flexible alternative to daisy-chain connections. With a single-cable connection, participants can reposition individual mic pods. Make space on the table or bring have the mute control within reach. In other words, contact us to discuss cable-free installation!

In conclusion, here are a few reasons why AV King should complete your Logitech Install. Firstly, we are qualified and experienced. Secondly, we are fast and thorough. Thirdly and most importantly, we have a 5-Star Rating on Google. So you can trust that our customers are satisfied with their installation.

Contact us to find a package that will match your needs perfectly.