After decades of innovation, Logitech is one of the world leaders in computer accessories, especially their Video Conferencing range.

Logitech’s number one priority has always been comfort and reliability, yet its products also drive business mobility and productivity. For example historically, laptops may make employees more mobile but they’re being blamed for a rise in back, neck, and shoulder problems. A well-designed workstation can help to avoid this.

This is where Logitech Video Conferencing comes in. With its range of elite designs and ease of use, Logitech provides solutions for everyone anywhere.

Logitech Video Conferencing Solutions

Complete room solutions from Logitech allow participants to quickly kick off and run a video conference meeting. Logitech Video Conferencing is trusted and reliable. View the range here or contact us to discuss an option to match your needs perfectly!

All-in-one video bar for medium to large rooms

  • Pre-configured systems for small, medium, and large rooms
  • Remarkably simple meeting room solutions for Zoom Room Appliances
  • All-in-one video bars for medium to large rooms
  • Premier Modular video conferencing systems for large rooms
  • Connect a laptop to a room system’s AV equipment for use with any video meeting or webinar
  • Touch controller for meetings rooms with PoE connectivity